Sleigh Ride

Winter days can be delightful on the prairie (with an emphasis on the word can). Particularly in early and late winter, there are many days which lend themselves well to outdoor recreation. We already have the corner on the market for sledding in Sargent County. Honestly, there isn’t a lot of competition in that category. If you are wondering why that is, here’s a hint: it’s very flat. We are located in one of the few hilly spots in Sargent County, or all of eastern North Dakota for that matter. You get the idea.

Coteau des Prairies Lodge also happens to be a lovely place for scenic sleigh rides. Our friends Roy Hildebrandt and Doug Spieker are partnering up to bring a new attraction to the lodge. They built a brand new sleigh as well as an old fashioned buggy so our guests can go back in time to the early 1900’s when horses still provided the main means of transportation on the prairie. Getty up!

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Sleigh Ride at Coteau des Prairies Lodge

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