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Tigirlily at Coteau des Prairies Lodge
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NDSU Soil Health Workshop at CDP Lodge [Video]

On March 10th, 2014, we hosted a summit of soil health experts from the region. The Managing for Soil Health Workshop was organized by the Soil Health and Land Management department of the NDSU Extension Service. The gathering included researches and producers alike who are interested in advancing knowledge and technology related to soil health and conservation in agriculture.

The folks from NDSU produced a video from the event which they have permitted us to share here on our blog. If you happen to be interested in planning to have a similar conference style event at Coteau des Prairies Lodge, this video shows a great variety of meeting and conference spaces used around the lodge for the event. It also features a special appearance by our very own Joe Breker!

We also have some photos from the event. Click on an image below to open the photo gallery.

Fit & Fabulous (5/3-4)

Fit & Fabulous Poster

Join Kari Breker and Cher Spieker, two ladies committed to better health, for a fun filled and action packed getaway to Coteau des Prairies Lodge. This is an overnight event so you will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beautiful accommodations offered at the lodge. Share a room with a friend and pay only $100 for this energizing getaway.

Here is the schedule:

Saturday 2pm check in. 3:30pm 1 hour Zumba class in the Great Room. 7:30pm Grilled chicken dinner with seasoned brown rice, steamed broccoli, carrots and fruit. Sunday am Protein shakes for breakfast and yes, coffee will be available. 9:30am Zumba class in the Great Room. 11am check out. There will be plenty of time to hang out with friends and enjoy the lodge.

To get your reservations for Fit & Fabulous, call Cher Spieker at 701-730-4752. The price is $100 per person (sharing a room with a friend). $50 down will save your spot.

Here’s to your health!

Asian Indian Cuisine Photos

Here are some mouth watering photos from our evening of ethnic Indian cuisine featuring the talented Urvashi Mulasi.

As you can see from the photos, Urvashi (of Urvashi’s Kitchen, St. Paul, MN) uses only fresh and authentic ingredients in her dishes. Our guests were truly in for a delicious treat. In fact, pretty much everybody cleaned their plates with each course (which made cleanup that much easier).

Urvashi also shared a fun and informational presentation at the end of dinner about Indian culture and cuisine.

Click on an image below to open the photo gallery. Photos by PhotoRx Media.

FREE Lodge Mug Offer

Coteau des Prairies Lodge MugIf you are looking for a hearty mug for your morning joe, look no further than the Coteau des Prairies Lodge mug. At the lodge, we watch happily as guest after guest clutch their steaming lodge mug with a big ‘morning face’ smile induced by the aroma of hot coffee. This mug is an instant classic.

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CDP Lodge featured in ND Travel Guide

North Dakota Curious: A New Guide to the State by Sylvia Wendel

North Dakota Curious: A New Guide to the State by Sylvia Wendel

Last year, author Sylvia Wendel set out on an exciting journey traveling from California to explore and document one of America’s last frontiers…North Dakota.

Sylvia spent part of her trip in our corner of the state last summer experiencing area accommodations and gathering information from locals such as Bill Anderson (famous here for his weekly column The Rooster Crows). She spent a couple days at Coteau des Prairies Lodge and even went on a farm tour with Joe Breker.

Her travels brought her all around our great state and her book is packed with fascinating bits of history and culture she gleaned along the way. She also provides numerous thoughtful and thorough reviews for hospitality and dining establishments from the four corners of the state and everywhere in between. This is a great book for anyone who wants to plan a road trip in North Dakota. The book is titled North Dakota Curious: A New Guide to the State. You can purchase the Kindle edition on Amazon for only $2.99. It doesn’t appear to be available in print at this time.

In addition to her mention of our ‘soaring ceilings’ and ‘windows that go on for days’, we love the following quote from Sylvia’s book about the lodge:

Kenny’s BBQ Ribs Photos

Kenny and the lodge crew served up mouthwatering ribs and a whole lot of other fixings for 100 guests at our rib dinner on Sunday, March 2nd. Nobody left hungry.

Photos by Tanya Hamilton. Click on a image below to open the photo gallery.