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East PorchWhat is your ideal getaway?

Maybe its time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Maybe its breathing in fresh country air and seeing a spectacular new view. Maybe its wearing clothes you intend to get dirty. Maybe its an opportunity to share precious moments with your kids. Maybe its learning something new by experiencing it firsthand. Maybe its not having to worry about anything. Maybe its leaving your smartphone in a drawer. Maybe its laughing and smiling until your cheek muscles ache. Maybe its preparing a meal for your friends in a fancy kitchen. Or maybe its trying the local cuisine. Maybe its forgetting your bedtime and abandoning your alarm clock. Maybe its making new lifelong friends. Maybe its the exhilaration of a rugged outdoor adventure. Coteau des PrairiesMaybe its going somewhere far away but feeling right at home. Maybe its doing something you will never forget.

If any or all of these define your ideal getaway, Coteau des Prairies Lodge is for you.

Whether you are searching for a fun adventure with your friends, planning a special event for your family or looking for the perfect spot for your business meeting…Coteau des Prairies Lodge is Your Getaway!