Farm Tours

Coteau des Prairies Lodge offers exclusive Farm Tours on the Joe Breker Farm. On this fun, one-of-a-kind experience, your guide will bring you and your group on an educational excursion on a modern family farm operation. Included with every tour is the unique opportunity to discuss matters related to agriculture with a farmer on his/her own farm. After all, this is a learning opportunity so don’t hesitate to ask your guide a question at any point during the tour!

Create your group’s Farm Tour package from the following list of options. Cattle feedlot tours and general overview farm tours are available year round. Seasonal availability applies to some tours, check with your guide.

Tour options:

  • Range tour (rotational cow-calf grazing, cattle breeding, native prairie grasses and wildflowers, etc.)
  • Cattle feedlot tour (Jeff Breker Farm)
  • Crop and field tour (corn, wheat, soybeans, specialty crops)
  • Overview of modern conservation practices (no-till farming, cover cropping, manure composting, etc.)
  • Introduction to tiling (drainage of excess water from soil subsurface to improve farmland)
  • Farm equipment and technology demonstrations
  • Local history and geology tour
  • Local bird and wildlife tour

Package Pricing:

  • 1.5 hour tours: $30 per person (12 years and up). Minimum cost is $150.
  • 3 hour tours: $40 per person (12 years and up). Minimum cost is $200.
  • Ask your guide for special rates with groups of 20 people or more.

Farm Excursion