Breker Farm Featured in Dakota Farmer Magazine

The family farm which is bringing you Coteau des Prairies Lodge is featured in the October issue of Dakota Farmer Magazine. The article briefly summarizes the recent history and leading-edge practices of the multi-generational family operation. Joe Breker is the fourth generation farmer of an operation which has sewn and harvested over a century’s worth of crops in Tewaukon Township. Over his 32 year farming career, Joe has made a reputation in the agricultural community as an innovator and a pioneer (Not to mention, a grandpa). Click here and read the article to learn more about the Breker Farm.

In keeping with a record of introducing innovative ideas to the farming community of southeast North Dakota, the Breker Farm will be partnering with Coteau des Prairies Lodge to offer visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the day to day operations of a modern family farm. This concept is part of a broader national industry known as agritourism. When you visit a vineyard or an apple orchard, you are enjoying this growing industry. The Breker Farm will give you the chance to spend a day experiencing the life of today’s farmer…complete with GPS guided auto steer, iPad controlled air seeders and the latest yield mapping technology. But don’t be fooled into thinking all you will do is sit in an air conditioned, air ride cab. It seems like there are always plenty of rocks to pick here in the glacial till of the prairie pothole region!

Coteau des Prairies Lodge will be offering these seasonal ag education packages in addition to other exciting activities.