Spring Construction Update [Video]

Joe Breker recounts highlights from some of the spring construction projects at Coteau des Prairies Lodge. He covers the balcony expansion, the loft and the log wall finishing process. If you are into rustic…you don’t want to miss this. Coteau des Prairies Lodge – Spring Construction Update from Phillip Breker on Vimeo.

Spring Construction Roundup

With a terrific view of the fieldwork underway on the prairie below, the Coteau des Prairies Lodge construction crew worked hard through the spring months to complete a number major projects. Here are some highlights from our productive spring at the lodge. Click on an image below to open the photo gallery.

Log Wall Window Installation [Video]

Jeff Richards from Horizon Custom Contracting of Moorhead, MN describes the interesting process of installing windows in the log walls at Coteau des Prairies Lodge. This isn’t your typical window installation! Coteau des Prairies Lodge – Log Wall Windows from Phillip Breker on Vimeo.


As we spent more and more time falling in love with the great room, what with the north window, tiered balconies and gorgeous whole log roof trusses, we just couldn’t resist the urge to make it even more spectacular. The plan was to have basic balconies on the second and third floors overlooking the great…


While not as exciting as log roof trusses and walls made out of windows, our soon-to-be-concealed building materials serve important purposes. This post is a tribute to the humble studs of Coteau des Prairies Lodge. Click on an image below to open the photo gallery.

North Window Installation

We had been long anticipating this day. The day that marked the end of freezing our butts off working in the lodge! On February 23rd, a chilly winter day, a commercial window installation crew from Fargo set to work at their trade in the middle of a cattle pasture in Sargent County. It’s hard to…

Location & Directions

We’d be lying if we said the locality of the lodge is a well known destination. Heck, that might even be one of our strengths! No, lying is not the strength…our obscure location is the strength. If ‘getting away’ is your goal, you won’t have to worry about anyone finding you here! Given our location near the border of North and…

Roof Construction

From pine to shingle and everything in between…we bring you the photographic tale of our brand new roof! These photos cover the span of time between December 23rd and May 3rd. During this time we completed work on other aspects of the lodge, but for this post we will focus on the roof construction. We…

Mystery Log Cap Giveaway! (Winners Announced)

Phillip and Gideon Breker peel a very interesting looking scotch pine. UPDATE: Congratulations to Regina Jochim and Aaron Cavanaugh, the winners of the mystery log contest! Regina and Aaron each guessed the log will be used as the bar rail. That is absolutely correct! We will have a small beverage serving area on the second…

Log Roof Truss Construction [Video]

Nate Rude from Horizon Custom Contracting explains the process used to build and install the magnificent Ponderosa log trusses used in the roof system of Coteau des Prairies Lodge.

The Facebook Construction Album I

If you like these photos you will enjoy our Facebook construction album. It is an ongoing album. It’s like a pair of leather work boots…it just gets better with time. Click here to check it out. And while you are there, don’t forget to ‘like’ us!  

Trusses & Purlins – Part 2

Alright, so you’ve seen how they are built and what they look like on the ground, but how will our unique log trusses and purlins transform the look and feel of Coteau des Prairies Lodge once they are set in place? Well…see for yourself!