Fishing Report – Summer 2013

Austin Stenvold

It’s no secret, North Dakota is known for good fishing. Anglers travel from far and wide to renown fishing havens such as Devils Lake and Lake Sakakawea. But did you know North Dakota has great fishing all over? In fact, some of the best fishing is right around Coteau des Prairies Lodge! Take a look at this page we pulled out of North Dakota Outdoors Magazine (North Dakota Game and Fish Department), do you see the cluster of public fishing waters in Sargent and Richland Counties? That is our neighborhood. If you include the wonderful glacial lakes of South Dakota just across the border, you will find a tremendous abundance of great fishing options near the lodge.

Richland/Sargent County

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Coteau des Prairies Lodge is located just few miles from Lake Tewaukon (305), which is known as a reliable destination for walleye, northern pike and crappie. Lake Tewaukon has good public access for both shore and boat fishing. We recommend trying Tewaukon if you plan on doing some fishing on your visit to the lodge. For the avid angler who is up for an adventure, we suggest trying one of the newer fisheries. With 20 years of wet conditions in our area, a number of new fishing opportunities have sprung up. Some of them are excellent! But many of them are not developed with access for shore fishing or even with a boat ramp, so put it in four wheel drive and hope you don’t get stuck!

According to local fishermen, this has been a great summer for fishing around these parts. Populations of walleye, northern pike, crappie and perch are strong. There are also opportunities for smallmouth bass and bluegill. This time of year, shore fishing becomes more of a challenge as weed lines fill in, so anglers with a boat will catch more fish. Also, catfishing on the Wild Rice River has been very good as well as a lot of fun!

Silver Lake