Easter Surveying Crew

On Easter Sunday, members of the expansive Gordy and Bev Phillips Family took a trip up to the Lodge site. It was the first time many of them had been up to the top of the hill. While the peak of nearby hills have higher elevation than the Lodge site and boasts of persistent gusty winds…it does not have the tremendous view!

The sweeping view of the prairie from the Lodge site is breathtaking. Unobstructed by trees or buildings, you can literally see dozens of miles to the northern horizon. A commanding view of Sargent County’s wetlands, lakes, towns, farms and fields as far as eye can see. And what a beautiful sight it is with the sun lighting your view from behind you.

Looking to the east and west is equally amazing. You see, the Lodge will be located on the ‘tip’ of the arrowhead shaped Coteau des Prairies Hills. So as you stand facing the east or west you see every feature of the northern slopes of the Coteau as it disappears into the distance. What you see are hills pushed up by the leading edge of ancient glaciers. The Lodge site is where the last wave of glaciers finally stopped and melted thousands of years ago.

And as you look to the south you have a stunning view of the Coteau des Prairies Hills as they continue to rise to the south, making their way across most of eastern South Dakota and down into western Minnesota.