Joe Breker Talks Cover Crops on Successful Farming TV

Joe Breker participated in an educational video project with Successful Farming Magazine to feature the benefits and how to’s of raising cover crops. While the project happened in back in 2015, we just recently viewed the video for the first time and it is a terrific primer for people who are interested in learning about this burgeoning soil conservation practice which is rapidly gaining popularity.

Along with several other farmers and soil health experts from across the nation, Joe shares his cover crop objectives and methods in this two part video series. The first part explains cover crops and the benefits. The second part gives general instructions for implementing cover crops.

View Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE.

Joe has been using cover crops as a means to build soil health and improve overall production on his farm since 2000. Lodge guests regularly accompany Joe on farm tours to see the results of cover crops first hand.