Mighty Missouri Coffee Company

Coffee is a hot item at the lodge. No pun intended. It is one of those simple pleasures that can enhance any experience. Imagine waking up with your friends or family at Coteau des Prairies Lodge and being greeted in the great room with breakfast and a fresh, hot cup of coffee. A favorite spot to enjoy a coffee anytime of the day is on the deck (although not really this time of year). The fresh country air and the view of open prairie for dozens of miles, plus the wildlife chatter and cattle grazing around the lodge are perfect companions for a steaming cup of joe.

Mighty Missouri Coffee Company at Coteau des Prairies Lodge

Since coffee is such an important part of the lodge experience, we didn’t want to serve just any kind of coffee. In our pursuit of the perfect cup, we recently discovered the coffee from a new Bismarck-based company called Mighty Missouri Coffee Company (or just Mighty Mo Coffee). Mighty Mo is a Pride of Dakota product. Mighty Mo stands apart from popular mass produced coffees such as Starbucks and Caribou Coffee.

Roastmaster and owner, Brian Jackson shared with us some of his secrets for roasting a great coffee. Like the other guys, he starts with fresh, green arabica coffee beans from around the world. Unlike the other guys, he uses only the finest beans available and he doesn’t make blends. Other coffee roasters blend coffees from different coffee regions, but Mighty Mo roasts only single-origin coffees. For example, Mighty Mo’s Mighty Morning coffee is a Colombian coffee from a single source. This coffee brings out the distinctive flavors and subtleties found only in beans from this unique area. Brian’s Mighty Series, his three year-round coffees, feature two coffees from Costa Rica and one from Colombia. He also has a rotating specialty roast which has featured more exotic coffees from places such as Ethiopia and Guatemala.

Also, Brian lightly roasts his beans so as to leave as much of the awesome coffee flavors intact. This way you can experience the uniqueness of the single-origin coffee. It will become more apparent to you after trying a few of his coffees that beans from different regions definitely have their own amazing notes and flavors. Which one will be your favorite? An interesting side note is a lighter roast retains more caffeine, so if you are looking for a great pick me up coffee, this is it!

We are now brewing this premium coffee for guests at the lodge. We also have it available for sale in 12oz. bags so you can do your own ‘coffee research’ at home.

Finally, we just love Mighty Mo’s slogan: Another Day, Another Adventure