Mr. September

Log Wall

Phillip Breker showing off his pipes. They ought to be impressive after scrubbing logs!

KFGO (The Mighty 790), the popular news talk radio station from Fargo sponsored a ‘Manliest Man’ contest. One of our website visitors saw this picture of our very own manly man, Phillip Breker, and decided it should be entered in the contest.

Phillip went up against some of the manliest men in the greater Red River Valley area…and was picked as one of the manliest. Yeah, we know…we can hardly believe it ourselves!

On Monday, October 31st, KFGO announced 12 winners from a vast array of local manly men. Each winner is designated a month in the upcoming ‘Manliest Man’ calendar. Phillip, the man with the log on his shoulder, has been named Mr. September. Because after all, as the radio announcer said: “What could be more manly than that?”

For those with a fetish for manly men, the calendars will be available for sale later this fall. We will update this post as more details become available.