North Dakota Tourism

We are excited to announce our partnership with North Dakota Tourism. Along with other tourism businesses in the state, we will benefit from exposure in the annual North Dakota Legendary travel guide, a free publication which is circulated in the upper midwest as well as available upon request. We will be included in the 2013 edition. As the new kid on the block and in a quiet corner of the state (tourism wise), hopefully we will get a little extra attention!

We also now have a profile for Coteau des Prairies Lodge on the North Dakota Tourism website. When folks are making travel plans for a trip to southeast North Dakota they will quickly discover Coteau des Prairies Lodge using the slick ‘where to stay’ tool, a handy way to find the perfect vacation accomodations. Check out the website and our profile here.

In addition, we applied for and were awarded an advertising and marketing grant through North Dakota Tourism. We are grateful to our state’s tourism department for believing in our vision and investing in our dream. The funds will be used for various promotional efforts over the course of the next year.

We think North Dakota Tourism has a powerful branding message in their familiar ‘North Dakota Legendary’ campaign. They recently launched another great ad campaign featuring the slogan: ‘Arrive a guest. Leave a legend.’ The video, web and print ads are being widely circulated in the upper midwest and beyond. It is also expected to reach over 1 million people in a number of foreign markets such as Norway, Germany, Australia and Japan. Over the next few years through the North Dakota Legendary campaign, Coteau des Prairies Lodge may be introduced to people all around the globe. Wow!

View the new video ads here and check it out for yourself. 

At Coteau des Prairies Lodge, we are excited about these new opportunities to promote our unique experience. We will be working hard to live up to the ‘North Dakota Legendary’ reputation. We have a lot to offer guests who come to stay at our lodge on the edge of the Coteau des Prairies. After all, the area is rich with legend. Stay tuned, more on that soon.