North Window Installation

We had been long anticipating this day. The day that marked the end of freezing our butts off working in the lodge!

On February 23rd, a chilly winter day, a commercial window installation crew from Fargo set to work at their trade in the middle of a cattle pasture in Sargent County. It’s hard to imagine they have a lot of jobs in rural areas, and especially work sites where frozen cow pies are a hazard when carrying heavy glass panes.

Besides the amazing log construction of Coteau des Prairies Lodge, the north window is one of our signature features (yes, there are more to come). The north window will be the perfect complement for the great room, which is an expansive tall space accented with heavy duty log roof trusses and 2 levels of balcony. From any angle in the great room, whether you are on the main floor or in either of the balconies, you will have a breathtaking view of the flat prairie and northern horizon out the north window.