Photos from Amy Thielen Wine Dinner

Over three years in the making, a cooking retreat and wine dinner event combo has now come and gone. Hosting Amy Thielen at the lodge and giving her the keys to the kitchen was a fun milestone for us as we establish a reputation as a destination for great food. A destination not just for serving great food, but also learning how to make great food. Here is Amy’s Food & Wine Retreat class:

They all passed the class with flying colors, of course. The retreat guests spent three nights at the lodge and had a wonderful time getting to know Amy and each other. When the time came for the wine dinner on the evening of Wednesday, March 22nd, they became Amy’s kitchen staff and Olivia’s front house wait staff. Even Joe Breker jumped on the line as the smelt fryer.

That’s right. Fried smelt. At a wine dinner. A Midwestern wine dinner. It was awesome!

Our guests had a great evening with friends and family. Did we mention there was wine?

We heard rave reviews about Amy’s food and people loved hearing stories from master storyteller, Amy Thielen.

Amy Thielen is one busy lady. Writing books, making TV shows, blogging, speaking, gardening, creating new dishes, oh and being a wife and mother. We are glad this darling of the Midwest carved out some time for her North Dakota fans. 🙂

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If you missed out on this one and didn’t get reservations in time for our April 6th Farm to Table Dinner, don’t worry, we have more great events coming up. We are putting on a bourbon dinner on May 18th and a beer dinner on June 21st. Stay tuned!

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