Tools of the Trade Cap Giveaway! (Winners Announced)

Coteau des Prairies Lodge cap

UPDATE: Thank you all for participating in our contest. And thank you for all your creative ideas about how we could begin using these tools! Overall, the workers might be just a little more nervous on the job site now thanks to you. Haha! Anyway, we have two cap giveaway winners! We drew names out of a hat for the first cap giveaway. The winner of the first cap is Marilyn Haugen from Butte, North Dakota! The second cap is given for the most creative entry. Winner of the creativity contest is Lisa Jamieson from Maple Grove, Minnesota (see her entry on Tool #1). Congratulations Marilyn and Lisa!

ORIGINAL POST: You are in luck! Here is yet another chance for you to win our limited edition Coteau des Prairies Lodge premium waxed cotton cap! Its perfect for hard work, outdoor fun and impressing your in-laws.

At the Coteau des Prairies Lodge construction site you will find all kinds of unusual construction tools. Tools you wouldn’t find at your typical construction site. Some are unusual, some not unusual but are unusually large.

All you have to do is pick your favorite tool, make your best guess for it’s name as well as its intended purpose. You don’t have to guess correctly (or even close to correctly) to win…just think Balderdash. We will post the correct answers after the giveaway is over.

On Thursday, September 22nd, we will randomly draw the lucky winner from the list of those who have commented. Maybe we’ll give another cap for creativity…hmmm…yes, I think so. Make that two caps for this giveaway!

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9 thoughts on “Tools of the Trade Cap Giveaway! (Winners Announced)

  1. Tool #8: The log blade. It slices and dices. It shows no mercy and takes no prisoners. And it’s bark is is less than its bite.

  2. Tool #15: The Widow Maker: A circular saw so big and mean…it is usually only used by men who can bench 300 lbs.

  3. Tool #1 — the husband hook. I would use this tool to attach the honey do list that I know for certain will be done by the next day or use I could use it to hang some old ugly underwear on that really should be thrown away but that certain people seem to be attached to.

  4. Tool #7-The I feel like The Hulk chainsaw. Devours everything in its path and more. Come and see it for yourselves at Coteau des Prairies Lodge.

  5. #5 Ice block hauler for two….makes the journey more interesting, especially if you are walking on the frozen slough…..

    • OOOps Tool #4, I mean. Sorry, can’t read. #5 looks like my son’s shingle removed that he used in my flooded house to take up the hard wood floors that were ruined. Very sad!

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