You Should ‘Like’ This Facebook Cap Giveaway! (Winner Announced)

Coteau des Prairies Lodge capUPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Durand Jones of Minot, ND! Durand, you will now be one of the more fashionable folks in north central North Dakota. Wear your new headwear proudly as you begin rounding up friends for a getaway to the Coteau! We hope to see you soon. For everyone else who is jealous of Durand and his trendy new hat, thank you for participating. And stay tuned, because you will have more chances to win fun prizes!

It’s time again for another chance to win our coveted waxed canvas Coteau des Prairies Lodge cap! It’s a terrific accessory for work or play. And it is 100% guaranteed to cover up those pesky bald spots.

You see, Coteau des Prairies Lodge has made it to the big time because we have our very own free Facebook page. We are so excited about it we are going to give away a cap after 100 people ‘Like’ our page on Facebook. If you ‘Like’ Coteau des Prairies Lodge, you will be able to keep up with the latest updates right on Facebook and you will be the first to know about the next opportunity to win something cool!

We will draw a name from our first 100 fans. You could be the lucky winner! So click the Facebook ‘Like’ button in the right hand sidebar now! The sooner we reach 100 ‘Likes’, the sooner you could win! So…tell your friends about it!

In case you were wondering, the odds of you winning are exactly 100:1. Well, good luck!

2 thoughts on “You Should ‘Like’ This Facebook Cap Giveaway! (Winner Announced)

  1. Enjoyed the panoramic display of the construction. What a great concept and location. It is our intention to be one of your first customers when the building is complete.

    Jack and Diane

  2. Denise and I have been up on the hill maybe a year before ground breaking and it was a spectacular view from the 4 wheeler ,Joe was the narrator , my ,my what a vision he put in our minds , We have visited several times since then and have commented to several past colleagues of mine to investigate for a total experience of close by luxurious lodging and relaxation , Denise and I can’t do much up in the air ,or in the cold but we can come down most any time to lend a helping hand. Joe ,Patty , Doug ,Cher ,Eugene ,Cathy And all the rest of the Breaker Family ,Have many safe and prosperous years in this beautiful endeavor . all our love Rich & Denise Eskildsen Mhd Mn

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