GIVEAWAY! Pair of Tickets & Signed Shirt [Winner Announced]

TMF baseball tee giveaway v3

***Winner Announced*** Congratulations Michele B!

Here is one last chance to win a pair of tickets to the FIRST EVER Tewaukon Music Festival and our limited edition Tewaukon Music Festival baseball tee…signed by Tigirlily!

This is easy peasy. Enter to win by sharing this contest on Facebook or Twitter! Simply use the sharing buttons below. The more shares, the more entries you get! For another easy entry, let us know what you think about this whole crazy Tewaukon Music Festival thingy in the comments section below.

We will announce a winner on the morning of Friday, August 29th. See you Saturday at Tewaukon Music Festival!

3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Pair of Tickets & Signed Shirt [Winner Announced]

  1. Hope to win some tickets! I think it will be a fun event that everyone will want to go to every year!

  2. Music is soothes my soul and takes me to a place that is magical and full of peace, serentity, beauty, Bliss, Happiness, Love, Hope, Grace, Beauty, and helps you forget all the darkness and troulbles in life. It tranforms you to such a feeling of acceptance on all levels and with all people, as Music is a language that speaks to all. Music doesn’t judge, it just accepts all and loves all. With the acts that you have playing, will showcase this perfectly. I have never been there, but love to come and witness this Beauty, serventy, Bliss filled with love and acceptance.

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