Photos from Sazerac on the Prairie


On February 18th, 2016, we hosted ‘Sazerac on the Prairie’, a six course dinner featuring New Orleans inspired southern cuisine by Chef Christian D’Agostina. The menu of the event was a preview of a soon-to-be opened downtown Fargo restaurant…Sazerac Alley is now open and you have to check it out!


Executive Chef/Co-Owner Christian D’Agostino (Sazerac Alley, The Boiler Room, Barbacoa) introduced our guests to some amazing flavors which seldom venture this far north. With each course he described the food and bit of its history and cultural significance.


New Orleans and the Southeast region of the U.S. happens to be the home of some of the best food in the world. Louisina Creole, as it is known, is a unique fusion of French, Spanish, West African, Native America, German, Italian and Irish cuisines. What!? No Norwegian?


Dan Brekke of Moorhead, a master of vocals, guitar and fiddle, performed music all night to accompany the festive dishes served from the kitchen. Dan is releasing a new album with all original music on Monday, May 9th. Check out his Facebook Page for more information.


Chef Christian roasted our 28 Day Dry Aged Breker Beef tenderloin and served it with a three cheese custard, bacon braised brussel sprouts and creole mustard sauce. It was to die for. It was pretty too.


If you like what you see, you might be interested in our Spring Beer Dinner on Thursday, May 12th. We still have a few spots available. Register HERE.


Click on the image below to open the photo gallery. Photos by PhotoRx Media.