Italy on the Prairie Photos

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Thanks to Chef Tony Nasello, ‘The Lost Italian’, guests at Coteau des Prairies Lodge were almost literally transported to another place – Italy, that is – Italy on the Prairie! Sunday night was not your average evening out for dinner. Take it from Katie Pinke, a North Dakota blogger, who was there to enjoy a one-of-a-kind date night!

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From expert wine pairings and sing-a-long songs to crazy contests and a live cooking demonstration…there was no way anybody left without their fill of entertainment! But the food was the real star of the show. Wow! Six mouthwatering courses of amazing Italian foods were prepared by Chef Tony Nasello, his family and the lodge staff in our kitchen.

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Phillip Breker (PhotoRx Media) was on hand to capture the evening in photographs. It is hard to capture Chef Tony’s energy in a photo, next time we might have to do a video! At one point, Tony had the whole lodge all together singing the classic Dean Martin song That’s Amore!

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If you missed out on the fun but wanted to be there, Tony will be back out to the lodge for a special ‘culinary retreat’ on September 12th-14th. This exciting event will be a whole weekend of non stop fun with The Lost Italian himself. Tony will be teaching culinary techniques as guests prepare gourmet meals to dine on throughout the weekend. Depending upon availability, guests will be enjoying local foods including wine, produce and of course our exclusive 28 Day Dry-Aged Breker Beef. Oh, and there will be an awesome farm tour on the Breker farm with Joe Breker. Stay tuned for more details and reservation information.

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Chef Tony Nasello and his wife Sarah own and operate Sarello’s, a fine dining restaurant in Moorhead. They also have an awesome blog where they share all their food secrets. If you are familiar with the FM dining scene, you will know Sarello’s is the place to go for excellent food. If you haven’t been there, we highly recommend it. And don’t forget to ask for Tony!

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