Seafood Boil (6/4)

Seafood Boil

On Wednesday, June 4th we will be having a seafood boil. If you have never experienced a seafood boil (sometimes known as a shrimp boil or fish boil), you will certainly be delighted by this fun-for-all, group style event. We begin by boiling a selection of fresh vegetables in a large kettle with special seasonings, then we add locally made sausage and a variety of tasty seafood. You will be seated with old friends and newly acquainted friends at a long table covered with butcher paper and ramekins of melted butter, then our chef will dump out the boil down the middle of the table where everyone will feast on steaming-hot, delicious food. If you see something that looks tasty over by your neighbor, just ask them to throw it your way. We encourage sharing! But don’t worry, you will get all the food you can eat.

Everyone is welcome, but space is limited and meals are available by reservation only. The price is $30 per person and includes the meal, a dessert, water and coffee. Sodas and alcoholic beverages will be sold at the bar. Meals will be served between 5pm and 8pm. When you arrive at the lodge, sign your group in with our hostess to get on the waiting list. Feel free to roam about and enjoy refreshments from the bar while you wait. We will find you when it is your turn to sit up!

***Special Promotion*** If you are coming out for one of our dining experiences, why not stay the night? We will provide ONE FREE MEAL per room rental for those who would love to have the full lodge experience! Offer valid only for night of event. Rooms are $140 per night.

Because we have limited space available, we kindly request advanced notice if you must cancel your reservation or reduce your party size so we can make room for other guests. Thank you.

For reservations, fill out the online form below or call 701-680-1175