The Big Day [Video]

The Big Day from Phillip Breker on Vimeo.

Two years ago, this December, we finally came to the point we were all waiting for in the process of building the lodge. The time had come to lift and set the enormous log roof trusses on to the lodge. Since this was a one-of-a-kind project, no one was sure exactly how it would all go, including our general contractor, Nate Rude from Horizon Custom Contracting. On one brisk, but snow free winter day, we set all six trusses in place with the help of an expert crane operator named Reuben Hoeffer. Afterwards, we sighed a collective sigh of relief having watched and participated in the incredible spectacle because all was well and we had no problems of any kind. Building this large building with a crane on one of the highest points in Sargent County, we thought the song titled ‘Build the Sky’ was appropriate.

The interview clips, with the exception of the audio from Nate Rude, were recorded the spring of 2011 before the lodge construction began. Nate’s comments were recording during construction.

Click here for a video about assembling the log trusses.

Filmed and Produced by Phillip Breker of PhotoRx Media
Music ‘Build the Sky’ by Stephan Jacobs
Footage and photo from Logging Camp Ranch by Ted Hanson