‘Farm Talk’ with Mick Kjar LIVE at CDP Lodge

fefb755e37798bb52ec6d593f57f3ab3On Monday, December 16th we hosted a gathering of researchers from the great rivaling universities of the Dakotas. NDSU and SDSU winter wheat research specialists were a plenty at the Ducks Unlimited sponsored event. Blake Vander Vorst, of Ducks Unlimited, was responsible for getting Mick Kjar out to the lodge for a live broadcast of ‘Farm Talk’, his radio show on Ag News 890 AM.

Mick set up in the south view lounge, overlooking the Coteau des Prairies of South Dakota, and interviewed NDSU and SDSU researchers live on his show. He also took time at the end to talk with Joe and Eugene Breker about the lodge.

Here is the clip with Joe and Eugene:


If you are into winter wheat, you should just listen to the whole show. Click here for the ‘Farm Talk’ podcast page.