NDSU Soil Health Workshop at CDP Lodge [Video]

On March 10th, 2014, we hosted a summit of soil health experts from the region. The Managing for Soil Health Workshop was organized by the Soil Health and Land Management department of the NDSU Extension Service. The gathering included researches and producers alike who are interested in advancing knowledge and technology related to soil health and conservation in agriculture.

The folks from NDSU produced a video from the event which they have permitted us to share here on our blog. If you happen to be interested in planning to have a similar conference style event at Coteau des Prairies Lodge, this video shows a great variety of meeting and conference spaces used around the lodge for the event. It also features a special appearance by our very own Joe Breker!

We also have some photos from the event. Click on the image below to open the photo gallery.

One thought on “NDSU Soil Health Workshop at CDP Lodge [Video]

  1. Excellent comments from those involved in the meeting. Excellent format for the exchange of ideas from growers of differing farming styles. Joe’s comments of NDSU Extension and AES research engaging farmers to benefit everyone that cares about the land and profitability are spot on target. The two can go together. Congratulations to the NDSU Soil Health Team for a productive learning and educating season.

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